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Hindsight Cover

You met Casey and Emmett Henry in A Man of Few Words. Now see where it all began.

On a cold winter night, Casey Mitchell leaves her stalled car in the middle of a blizzard and heads for the only light she can see–a distant farmhouse. There she meets Emmett Henry, who has been blind for nearly a year after a tragic injury. Casey is the new doctor at the clinic in town, so when Emmett’s brother Wyatt calls in a panic because his wife goes into labor, Casey and Emmett brave the elements on foot to Wyatt’s house to deliver a baby, starting a journey that will take the two of them on the road to a future neither could have imagined…

Fall in love with Emmett and Wyatt’s parents, Jackson and Beth Henry, in the already released A Man of Few Words.  Stay tuned for Wyatt and Sammie Henry’s story, Making Mountains into Molehills, coming this summer!