Blue Jeans Lou and Flip-Flop Sue

Lou Callahan knows cars—how to get them running, fix them up, make them right. Dealing with people is another story. He’s reeling from a tragedy that has rocked his entire family’s world. He’s barely picking himself up off the floor. Handling anyone else’s problems is too much right now.

Until a beautiful stranger shows up at his auto shop and begs him to help her to restore the wreckage of a piece of her past.

Sue Piper’s heart has been torn apart. She’s not sure anything can help it heal. Bringing back a family heirloom that may be beyond repair is her only hope. She needs to place it in the right hands.

She has no idea walking into Callahan and Son Auto Repair can fix so much more than a car.

Will two wounded souls be able to let the light of love shine through the cracks and make them whole again?

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