Cinderfella and his Rosie-girl

We first met Rosie and Sam Hudson in Rosie and her Ragamuffin Sam. The Great Depression has ended, bringing hope for a new beginning until World War II turns everyone’s lives upside down. Through it all, Rosie and Sam’s love story is a beacon, shining brightly through the darkest of nights.

Go back in time to see how their love story began.

Samuel Hudson Junior, affectionately known as Sam, lives a life of privilege on Fifth Avenue. He is told what to wear, how to style his hair, what to do, and where to go. His future is already laid out for him, straight and narrow, to follow his father’s footsteps into the family business. The only problem is he doesn’t want any of it. He longs for something more, for his life to make a difference. A new maid, Rose Andrews, could give him a reason to shift course and question everything he has ever known.

Rose Andrews, or Rosie to all who love her, knows how the other half lives. She knows what it means to work for every bite that fills her mouth—and go without. She’s come to the Hudson House in hopes of helping her large family to get by. She isn’t prepared the feelings that bloom inside of her the moment she meets Sam Hudson, only growing stronger by the day.

When a twist of fate brings them on a collision course with the unknown, they’ll begin a journey that will take Sam and Rosie someplace they never imagined.

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