Liberty’s Promise

Liberty's Promise

You fell into the past with Charlotte and Benjamin in Whispers of Liberty. Continue the journey…

Benjamin Willson and Charlotte Elizabeth Ross fall in love with one another amid the American Revolution, forming a bond that cannot be shattered by death–or time.

The Battle of Johnstown tears them apart with one vicious, indifferent musket ball, but the two souls will find their way back to one another over two hundred and thirty-three years later as Ben Wilson and Charlotte Elizabeth Ross the Second.

As the two reunited lovers share memories of their lives so long ago, they unearth a journal that belonged to the son they created just before Benjamin fell. Expecting to learn his story, they are unprepared to discover that it is a tribute to his stepfather, Jacob Cooper.

Jacob loved Charlotte since childhood, but the first time he saw her with Benjamin he knew any dream he’d ever had of claiming her for his own was hopeless. Worse, Jacob genuinely liked and respected Benjamin so he reluctantly accepted his fate, although still tormented to see the two of them together.

But when Benjamin’s life drained away on a cold and lonely battlefield, Jacob stepped in to help Charlotte pick up the pieces of her shattered soul. He knew Charlotte would never love him as she loved Benjamin, yet he married her, took on the role of father to Benjamin’s son, and raised the boy to understand the precious gift of his heritage–and freedom.

Ben and Charlotte become lost in the words of their son from the past as they learn about the torch that Jacob Cooper carried for his only love, and what it means to keep Liberty’s Promise.

See how it all began in the new edition of  Whispers of Liberty and you’ll get a sample of Liberty’s Legacy, due out this summer.