Walking with Ghosts on Ward’s Pond

Ward's Pond front[4208]

Journalist Charlie Baxter is consumed by a story. In 1906, Chester Gillette and Grace Brown went out on an Adirondack lake, but only one of them came back. The Gillette-Brown murder rocked the nation then and continues to stir the imagination today. For Charlie, discovering the truth of what happened that fateful night means more than a story. It’s about family and a need to wash the stain from his family’s name. His research takes him to the B&B on Ward’s Pond. There, in the former home of the man who prosecuted Chester Gillette, Charlie finds himself haunted by the past in ways he never anticipated.

Another guest staying at Ward’s Pond, Katherine Grace Brown, suffers from nightmares she doesn’t understand. Her visions of drowning intensify when she discovers her own connection to the century’s old murder. Does she share more than a name with Grace Brown?

Inexplicably drawn to each other and the murder, they work together to untangle the truth and solve the murder before history threatens to repeat itself.