Lost on Lewey Lake

Lost on Lewey Lake official cover


Graham Scott has had a love affair with the wilderness since he was a boy. It’s only natural, growing up in the great Adirondacks of Upstate New York. It’s where he’s found his career as a environmental conservation officer. It’s where he found his wife, Sarah, and her daughter, Lila. He can’t picture anyplace better than a romantic getaway, camping out under the moon and stars, with nothing but the wilderness surrounding him and his better half. How could he be so wrong?When disaster strikes near Snowy Mountain, it will rock Sarah’s world, forcing her to have more courage than she ever has before. Will she have what it takes to get help in time? Join Graham, Sarah, and some of the characters you have grown to love as you get lost with them again in Book Six in the Lost in the Adirondacks Series.

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