Nightmare on Sawyer Mountain


Sawyer Mountain cover

He’s always been his sister’s keeper.

What does he do when she’s slipping away?

Shepherd Jude and Sawyer Willow have always been two peas in a pod. The Kendrick twins have been wrapped around each other since they were inside their mother’s womb. Shep has taken the job of being his sister’s protector seriously every day of his life. When Sawyer faces a major health crisis, he’ll fight for her with everything he’s got. It’s a war that’s much bigger than any nine-year-old child should have to face. Against all odds, Shep’s going to try to live up to his name and save Sawyer, but fate and the Adirondacks may be against him.

Conservation officer Graham Scott, police officer Jim Pedersen, and survivalist Kane Johnson will team up in a desperate race against the clock to help the Kendrick twins.

Will it be enough before time runs out?

Take a journey into the latest of the Lost in the Adirondacks series. Let the wilderness carry you along for the next adventure with your favorite characters while you fall in love with a new hero in the making.

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