Liberty’s Legacy

Liberty's Legacy cover

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I have walked that lonely field, stood where my father fell. I have felt his presence, and his valiant heart beats in me.

My father, Benjamin Willson the First, was liberty’s son. Because of his love for my mother and his extraordinary sacrifice, I came to be.

Because of Jacob Cooper, the man who raised me, I became the man I am supposed to be. The son Benjamin Willson would be proud to call his own.

Jacob taught me that someone must shine a light in the darkness. Even if I am only one candle amongst thousands, I will do my part to live up to the expectations of the men who went before me, born up by the love of a mother who was willing to fight the British and defy the bottomless pit of her grief to bring me into this world.

The drums of Madison’s war are beating again, and I must answer the call.

Like my father before me. Like the man who raised me as his own.

I am liberty’s legacy.

Charlotte and Ben Wilson hold tight to each other as they read the final words in an 1812 journal belonging to Benjamin Willson Cooper—their son from a past life. A son born of unspeakable tragedy at the close of the American Revolution. A boy raised by a man who chose to honor his best friend by raising the fatherless boy as his own; instilling in him the value of the word “liberty,” along with its price.

Against all odds, Charlotte and Ben endured the trials of war, despair, and years to find each other again in the twenty-first century, Now, through the window in time opened to them by the old journal, Charlotte and Ben sift back through the years to find out what became of their child.

Join them as they conclude their journey of discovery that will prove family ties cannot be broken.

Book #3, and the conclusion of the Whispers of Liberty series.