Deserted on Lake Desolation

Deserted Cover Preview

Something is wrong with Officer Jim Pedersen. He isn’t eating. He isn’t sleeping. His easygoing nature has vanished, replaced by a brooding, irritable mood that won’t go away like a dark cloud hovering over his head. No one understands what is going on. Is it gambling? Money troubles? Problems at work? Another woman? They haven’t seen the mysterious mailers that have arrived at work. They haven’t seen the disturbing pictures. Read the threats. Been shaken to the core with fear that sends ice running through the policeman’s veins. Day by day, the man everyone knows is disappearing. Will his best friend, conservation officer Graham Scott, figure out what’s wrong before Jim vanishes without a trace?

Get lost in the fourth installment in The Lost in the Adirondacks Series with Graham, Jim, and all of your favorite characters from the series. A word of advice–don’t stay up too late while you are reading and don’t read alone.