The Cordial Creek Series

All the Little 2

Join me where my writing journey began with my first published novel, All the Little Things, as you fall into the first of the Cordial Creek Romances…

Sam O’Malley and Megan Taylor have been soulmates, best friends, and sweethearts since they were kids living next door to each other. Twenty years. “Two peas in a pod.” Everyone in Cordial Creek, Vermont expects the architect to tie the knot with his paralegal love. They were so close until the untimely death of Sam’s dad devastated him and settled him deeper into the town he loves. He threw himself into his construction company and took on new responsibilities, becoming his mother’s rock. Meg adores Sam but she is struggling, tired of waiting for him to make a further commitment to her, wondering if there is something more.

When one small, reckless mistake on Meg’s part explodes in a painful turning point, Sam will set out to remind her of the special bond they share, digging into their past to prove why they are perfect for each other. Will all the little things he loves about her be enough to save their relationship… or will Sam have to let Meg go?

Come back to Cordial Creek to share the stories of friends and family, more threads tied into the quilt of Sam and Meg’s lives, in Lightning Can Strike Twice, Aging Gracefully, Sunny Side Up, Against the Grain, and Hope’s Rise from Ashes. A Christmas companion, When You Wish Upon a Christmas Tree, is due out in time for that perfect holiday gift or cozy read!


When You Wish Upon a Christmas Tree 1When You Wish Upon a Christmas Tree 2

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Come back to Cordial Creek, the cozy Vermont town you love with so many characters who feel like part of the family. It’s time to fall in love with someone new…

Nicholas Clark is in the business of spreading the Christmas spirit. As the owner of Wishing Tree Farm, he is carrying on the family tradition of helping people from near and far to find the best Christmas tree Cordial Creek has to offer. There is only one problem. He’s feeling more like Scrooge this year ever since life knocked him on his butt. He’s having a hard time picking himself up.

Until Holly Bridges comes along.

If Christmas was a woman, it would be the lovely author who has come back to Cordial Creek to make it her home. She’s inherited her Gram and Gramps’ home. It’s the perfect place to hunker down, write up a storm, and set her sights on the owner of Wishing Tree Farm. She’s made a wish, hoping she can bring back the spirit of the holiday to the handsome owner of the local tree farm. If she’s lucky, she might make him fall in love.


Teaching and Old Dog New Cover

Starting over can be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. 

Tim Murphy, a.k.a Murphy, has always been a light in the darkness, until the war nearly snuffed him out. He’s trying to start over . Uncle Sam owned him for a decade, tossing him into the godforsaken desert on the other side of the world for three tours. One nearly took his life. He’s hoping for a fresh start in the Green Mountains of Vermont, but doesn’t know where to begin. His brother from another mother, Billy “Jonesy” Jones, is trying to help him to pick up the pieces. A beautiful school psychologist named Charleigh Reed could be his Superglue–if he’ll let her in. He’s not sure it’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Maybe a golden retriever who shows up at his doorstep can give him a lesson or two.

Book eight of the Cordial Creek Romances brings us back to small town America where everyone knows everyone. You’ll see some of your favorite characters from earlier books in the series. If it’s your first time dipping your toe in Cordial Creek, you’ll want to go back and dive in all the rest, beginning with All the Little Things.

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