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Lou Callahan knows cars—how to get them running, fix them up, make them right. Dealing with people is another story. He’s reeling from a tragedy that has rocked his entire family’s world. He’s barely picking himself up off the floor. Handling anyone else’s problems is too much right now.

Until a beautiful stranger shows up at his auto shop and begs him to help her to restore the wreckage of a piece of her past.

Sue Piper’s heart has been torn apart. She’s not sure anything can help it heal. Bringing back a family heirloom that may be beyond repair is her only hope. She needs to place it in the right hands.

She has no idea walking into Callahan and Son Auto Repair can fix so much more than a car.

Will two wounded souls be able to let the light of love shine through the cracks and make them whole again?

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Hope. It’s a small town in upstate New York with a name that fits Killian and Bridget O’Malley when they first set foot on the shores of a distant land. They’ve been transplanted from Ireland, still carrying their homeland in their hearts, hoping the seeds of the American dream will bloom for them. Killian will rely on the sturdy back and strong hands God gave him to carve a niche for the young couple. Bridget will do anything she can do to be his soft place to fall. As they brave the unknown, Bridget can count on Killian to be her rock. And in Bridget, Killian will have all he needs.
His Heart’s Content.

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You met Rosie and Sam in Rosie and her Ragamuffin Sam. Find out how their story began in Cinderfella and his Rosie-girl!

We first met Rosie and Sam Hudson in Rosie and her Ragamuffin Sam. The Great Depression has ended, bringing hope for a new beginning until World War II turns everyone’s lives upside down. Through it all, Rosie and Sam’s love story is a beacon, shining brightly through the darkest of nights.

Go back in time to see how their love story began.

Samuel Hudson Junior, affectionately known as Sam, lives a life of privilege on Fifth Avenue. He is told what to wear, how to style his hair, what to do, and where to go. His future is already laid out for him, straight and narrow, to follow his father’s footsteps into the family business. The only problem is he doesn’t want any of it. He longs for something more, for his life to make a difference. A new maid, Rose Andrews, could give him a reason to shift course and question everything he has ever known.

Rose Andrews, or Rosie to all who love her, knows how the other half lives. She knows what it means to work for every bite that fills her mouth—and go without. She’s come to the Hudson House in hopes of helping her large family to get by. She isn’t prepared the feelings that bloom inside of her the moment she meets Sam Hudson, only growing stronger by the day.

When a twist of fate brings them on a collision course with the unknown, they’ll begin a journey that will take Sam and Rosie someplace they never imagined.

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Kaleb Young has been making wishes on fireflies since he was a child and met Hope Young. She was his first wish come true.
He’s spent a lifetime making wishes, building dreams, and finding hope in his wife. After all, it’s in her name. Now he wishes for only one thing.
Brooklynn Kelly writes fairy tales in her mind every time she sees Kaleb Y., her meat man at the local grocery store in Saranac Lake. She’s imagined many characters he could play alongside another version of herself. She never thought their worlds would actually collide.
Until she met his wife.
As Brooklynn becomes a tried and true friend with the Youngs in the most difficult time of their lives, she’ll be asked a nearly impossible request. There are only two questions left. Can she do what Hope Young asks of her and will Kaleb Young let it happen?

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“If there’s one thing I know that is absolutely true without a doubt, our God is a God of second chances.”– Laura Carpenter
Clay Thatcher used to believe that. Coming home damaged from the war, letting his wife put him back together again. Seeing the love of his life fight the monster inside of her body. Losing her. Gaining an adopted daughter. He’s been knocked down time after time and picked himself up again. When his whole world is flipped upside down, can he do it again? Does he believe in new beginnings?

Maxine Marmarino used to think of herself as Mouse when she first showed up at the Thatcher farm nearly three years ago. After losing her father she had nowhere to go. An old army buddy was the only guardian social services could find, forcing her to leave the Big Apple and everything she knew. She never imagined anyplace else could feel like home until she met a boy, made friends, and Clay found his place in her heart. Max has grown new roots, blooming where she’s been planted…if the storms of life don’t wash her away.

You met Clay and Max in Mouse. Watch their story unfold in Lion.

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To My Dear Readers,

You first met Joe Ambrico in Hindsight’s 20/20, book two in the Henrys of Charlton novels. He kept poking at me until I gave him his own story. Enjoy the first in the Finding Hope Series…where the extraordinary shines inside the ordinary every time.

 All my best,


What if it comes back for you but you don’t want it? Joe Ambrico is a man without a past. A year ago, a tragic incident erased his memory. He’s come to the town of Hope with a clean slate. His only expectations—to live his life, work with his hands, and enjoy whatever God gives him. He didn’t count on falling in love. Nurse practitioner Claire Wilson has been a hometown girl all her life. Since her fiancé jilted her for another woman, she doesn’t have any illusions about romance, despite her town’s promising name. She’s resigned herself to winding up like the Old Maid on the deck of cards from her childhood until Mr. Tall, Golden and Gorgeous walks into the local diner. When he starts a roofing job at her clinic, he’ll send her into a tailspin like no man ever has. Easygoing, friendly to no end, and oh so easy on the eyes, that’s Joe. Claire is sunlight and a sweet taste of honey wrapped in the prettiest package. The two will begin to tango, learning the rhythm of the dance of life when bits of Joe’s past begin to surface, startling in intensity, terrifying in what secrets they hold. Will Claire be strong enough to keep him from being pulled under when everything comes flooding in? Can Joe accept her help or will he drown in the undertow?

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Lost on Lewey Lake official cover

Graham Scott has had a love affair with the wilderness since he was a boy. It’s only natural, growing up in the great Adirondacks of Upstate New York. It’s where he’s found his career as a environmental conservation officer. It’s where he found his wife, Sarah, and her daughter, Lila. He can’t picture anyplace better than a romantic getaway, camping out under the moon and stars, with nothing but the wilderness surrounding him and his better half. How could he be so wrong?When disaster strikes near Snowy Mountain, it will rock Sarah’s world, forcing her to have more courage than she ever has before. Will she have what it takes to get help in time? Join Graham, Sarah, and some of the characters you have grown to love as you get lost with them again in Book Six in the Lost in the Adirondacks Series.

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Liberty's Price front cover

Cooper Bradley is consumed by three figures that feel like memories–two men and a woman in Revolutionary clothing. He spends his days sketching, sketching, sketching, trying to make sense of the shadowy figures that have haunted him since he was a toddler. He has no idea who they are, but they won’t leave him alone.

His father wants him to forget the doodling and follow in his footsteps as a lawyer.

But Cooper is drawn to a much older legacy: to fight for home and country, hoping to find himself and the life he wants to lead. When the path he takes nearly tears him to pieces, he learns the true price of liberty.

Will his endless sketching and those he loves help him to find his way back?

Join Cooper Bradley, along with your favorite characters from Whispers of Liberty, Liberty’s Promise, and Liberty’s Legacy in the conclusion of the Liberty series.

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Thomas Cooke has always known a life of privilege on Cooke Plantation outside Richmond, Virginia. Tobacco and a long line of black servants have paved the way to prosperity for him and his family.  It’s a torment to him. The older he gets, the more he questions the foundation of an institution that is rotten to the core. Caught in a moral tug of war, torn between love for his family and the woman who serves him,  he’ll stand up against everything he’s ever known while the Civil War rages around him. Risking it all.

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Teaching and Old Dog New Cover

Starting over can be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. 

Tim Murphy, a.k.a Murphy, has always been a light in the darkness, until the war nearly snuffed him out. He’s trying to start over. Uncle Sam owned him for a decade, tossing him into the godforsaken desert on the other side of the world for three tours. One nearly took his life. He’s hoping for a fresh start in the Green Mountains of Vermont, but doesn’t know where to begin. His brother from another mother, Billy “Jonesy” Jones, is trying to help him to pick up the pieces. A beautiful school psychologist named Charleigh Reed could be his Superglue–if he’ll let her in. He’s not sure it’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Maybe a golden retriever who shows up at his doorstep can give him a lesson or two.

Book eight of the Cordial Creek Romances brings us back to small town America where everyone knows everyone. You’ll see some of your favorite characters from earlier books in the series. If it’s your first time dipping your toe in Cordial Creek, you’ll want to go back and dive in all the rest, beginning with All the Little Things.

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Ward's Pond front[4208]

Journalist Charlie Baxter is consumed by a story. In 1906, Chester Gillette and Grace Brown went out on an Adirondack lake, but only one of them came back. The Gillette-Brown murder rocked the nation then and continues to stir the imagination today. For Charlie, discovering the truth of what happened that fateful night means more than a story. It’s about family and a need to wash the stain from his family’s name. His research takes him to the B&B on Ward’s Pond. There, in the former home of the man who prosecuted Chester Gillette, Charlie finds himself haunted by the past in ways he never anticipated.

Another guest staying at Ward’s Pond, Katherine Grace Brown, suffers from nightmares she doesn’t understand. Her visions of drowning intensify when she discovers her own connection to the century’s old murder. Does she share more than a name with Grace Brown?

Inexplicably drawn to each other and the murder, they work together to untangle the truth and solve the murder before history threatens to repeat itself.

Sawyer Mountain cover

He’s always been his sister’s keeper.

What does he do when she’s slipping away?

Shepherd Jude and Sawyer Willow have always been two peas in a pod. The Kendrick twins have been wrapped around each other since they were inside their mother’s womb. Shep has taken the job of being his sister’s protector seriously every day of his life. When Sawyer faces a major health crisis, he’ll fight for her with everything he’s got. It’s a war that’s much bigger than any nine-year-old child should have to face. Against all odds, Shep’s going to try to live up to his name and save Sawyer, but fate and the Adirondacks may be against him.

Conservation officer Graham Scott, police officer Jim Pedersen, and survivalist Kane Johnson will team up in a desperate race against the clock to help the Kendrick twins.

Will it be enough before time runs out?

Take a journey into the latest of the Lost in the Adirondacks series. Let the wilderness carry you along for the next adventure with your favorite characters while you fall in love with a new hero in the making.

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In print and on kindle, join Max and Clay as they discover that family ties don’t have to be based on blood….

Sixteen-year-old Maxine Marmarino is stronger than she looks. She’s grown up Italian to the core in the Big Apple, just her and Dad against the world. He’s been her champion and that’s  enough for her—until he dies. Max is cast adrift in the Social Services network of New York City with nothing to her name except what she can fit in a backpack. When she’s shipped upstate, armed with her father’s leather jacket, his army shirt, and an attitude that is much bigger than her, she’ll feel as small as a mouse. Forced to leave everything she’s ever known behind, Max doesn’t know if she can cut it in this strange place with a man she’s never met.

Clay Thatcher is titanium tough. It’s been his best friend since he lost his leg in Operation Desert Storm. Life has forced him to be strong, but he’s still not sure he’s strong enough to go on after losing the love of his life. He has no clue what to do with a teenager. His best friend, Ray Marmarino, saved his butt on the other side of the world over twenty years ago. The least he can do is return the favor for his daughter. Clay has a feeling it’s going to be the hardest thing he’s ever done.

When the City Mouse is forced to become the Country Mouse with no turning back, Max and Clay will learn a valuable lesson. They might not be able to fix the shattered pieces of their past, but maybe they can build a new beginning.

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Come back to Cordial Creek, the cozy Vermont town you love with so many characters who feel like part of the family. It’s time to fall in love with someone new…

Nicholas Clark is in the business of spreading the Christmas spirit. As the owner of Wishing Tree Farm, he is carrying on the family tradition of helping people from near and far to find the best Christmas tree Cordial Creek has to offer. There is only one problem. He’s feeling more like Scrooge this year ever since life knocked him on his butt. He’s having a hard time picking himself up.

Until Holly Bridges comes along.

If Christmas was a woman, it would be the lovely author who has come back to Cordial Creek to make it her home. She’s inherited her Gram and Gramps’ home. It’s the perfect place to hunker down, write up a storm, and set her sights on the owner of Wishing Tree Farm. She’s made a wish, hoping she can bring back the spirit of the holiday to the handsome owner of the local tree farm. If she’s lucky, she might make him fall in love.

Unless his past comes knocking on his door all over again.

Making Mountains into Molehills 2

You fell in love with the Henrys in A Man of Few Words and Hindsight’s 20/20. The journey began with Jackson Henry and continued with his youngest son, Emmett. Now, it’s his oldest son’s turn. Meet Emmett’s big brother, Wyatt.

Wyatt Henry has always been his brother’s keeper. It’s been his job. That, and learning how to be a horse farmer and a man above measure like his father, Jackson Henry—the Henry Way. Emmett made his arrival when Wyatt was two years old, and his kid brother has lit up his world ever since. He’s been the light in the darkness—when his mother died when he was only six, when his father died in a tragic accident on the farm. So what does he do when that light could be snuffed out?

When Emmett jumps in to help a damsel in distress in a barroom fight, he suffers a severe head injury that leaves him blind. It nearly destroys him, taking Wyatt with him. Wyatt has to try and help his brother pick up the pieces. He won’t give up on him, no matter how depressed and angry Emmett is. While he is dealing with Emmett’s challenges, Wyatt will face a life-threatening illness of his own. Through it all, his wife Samantha will be at his side as they work together to take Jackson Henry’s advice and make mountains into molehills.

Out now on Kindle, Nook, and in print at,, or ask at your local bookstore. If they don’t have it, they can order it! I hope you’ll fall in love with a Henry the way I have. These men are some of my favorites! Everyone needs a Henry! 

Liberty's Legacy cover

I have walked that lonely field, stood where my father fell. I have felt his presence, and his valiant heart beats in me.

My father, Benjamin Willson the First, was liberty’s son. Because of his love for my mother and his extraordinary sacrifice, I came to be.

Because of Jacob Cooper, the man who raised me, I became the man I am supposed to be. The son Benjamin Willson would be proud to call his own.

Jacob taught me that someone must shine a light in the darkness. Even if I am only one candle amongst thousands, I will do my part to live up to the expectations of the men who went before me, born up by the love of a mother who was willing to fight the British and defy the bottomless pit of her grief to bring me into this world.

The drums of Madison’s war are beating again, and I must answer the call.

Like my father before me. Like the man who raised me as his own.

I am liberty’s legacy.

Charlotte and Ben Wilson hold tight to each other as they read the final words in an 1812 journal belonging to Benjamin Willson Cooper—their son from a past life. A son born of unspeakable tragedy at the close of the American Revolution. A boy raised by a man who chose to honor his best friend by raising the fatherless boy as his own; instilling in him the value of the word “liberty,” along with its price.

Against all odds, Charlotte and Ben endured the trials of war, despair, and years to find each other again in the twenty-first century, Now, through the window in time opened to them by the old journal, Charlotte and Ben sift back through the years to find out what became of their child.

Join them as they conclude their journey of discovery that will prove family ties cannot be broken.

Book #3, and the conclusion of the Whispers of Liberty series.

Deserted Cover Preview

Something is wrong with Officer Jim Pedersen. He isn’t eating. He isn’t sleeping. His easygoing nature has vanished, replaced by a brooding, irritable mood that won’t go away like a dark cloud hovering over his head. No one understands what is going on. Is it gambling? Money troubles? Problems at work? Another woman? They haven’t seen the mysterious mailers that have arrived at work. They haven’t seen the disturbing pictures. Read the threats. Been shaken to the core with fear that sends ice running through the policeman’s veins. Day by day, the man everyone knows is disappearing. Will his best friend, conservation officer Graham Scott, figure out what’s wrong before Jim vanishes without a trace?

Get lost in the fourth installment in The Lost in the Adirondacks Series with Graham, Jim, and all of your favorite characters from the series. A word of advice–don’t stay up too late while you are reading and don’t read alone.

Rosie 3D

Andrea Rose Lane . a.k.a Andie, treats herself to a Columbus Day weekend getaway in New York City to kick the dust off of her everyday, same ol’ same ol’ life. Little did she know that a pair of vintage shoes in a brilliant red from a thrift store would transport her into the 1940’s. In the midst of the Depression and World War II, she’ll discover her roots are tied in with those amazing shoes in the heart of Brooklyn. They’ll carry her into the middle of her great grandmother’s love story. Fall in love with Rosie and Her Ragamuffin Sam.

Here’s just a taste:

I opened my eyes. I was standing in a store, staring at my shoes on a shelf, but they were brand new with a tag on the heel. They were fancy, like something out of the Roaring Twenties, but I needed a working woman’s shoes, not those of a frilly flapper. Shoes that would keep me on my feet all day long and well into the night to take care of all those mouths to feed. At least six of them, judging by the children lined up behind me like the babies in Make Way for Ducklings, a little one nestled in the arms of the oldest girl. Everyone was neatly dressed, but there was evidence of mending to make clothing last. I glanced down. My coat was worn, yet still serviceable.

I fished in my purse, wondering if I had enough, fearful I didn’t. A large, calloused hand set down on my shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze. I gazed up at a tall man in dungarees and flannel, gray sprinkles scattered throughout his hair. One eye, as deep of a blue as my favorite marble, winked and he grazed my cheek with a kiss.

“Don’t you worry, Rosie. I told you I would always put food on the table and shoes on your feet. You’re my Cinderella. I’ve got this.” I glanced down and tears sprang to my eyes. His feet were bare.

“Sam, where are your shoes?” I laid my hand on his lapel and gave a little tug.

He shrugged and slid me a lopsided grin. “That poor old man outside with his tin cup, collecting coins? He had nothing. It’s too cold out there, Rosie, to have nothing. I’ve got my old shoes at home. I’ll do.”

Whispers cover

Time is no barrier to love.

Charlotte Ross, by her own admission, is a history geek. It’s only to be expected, as both of her parents are closely tied to preserving the colonial heritage of Johnstown, New York.

What Charlotte didn’t expect was tripping over her own feet and falling into the height of the American Revolution. She understands SUVs, microwave ovens, and cell phones, but is thrust into a world of mayhem, guns, and blood. Finding herself living the life of her ancestor gives her a new perspective on identify, family, and freedom. With no electricity, instant communication, or medical supplies, she quickly learns to fight her own battles alongside her beloved father. The struggles of her newborn nation and the tolls it takes on those she loves changes her forever.

Jacob Cooper, a local gunsmith, has loved Charlotte since the first moment he saw her. He cannot picture his life without her–if he survives the hell that is the American Revolution. He is positive she knows his feelings for her. It’s evident in the shy way she glances at him, and the warm smiles she aims in his direction. Yet, lately there is something distant about her; something he cannot put his finger on. It’s as though she is no longer at home in her own skin.

For a displaced girl like Charlotte, every part of managing her life in the eighteenth century is difficult.

And then she meets the Patriot, Benjamin Willson.

Continue the journey with the already released follow-up, Liberty’s Promise. The third installment, Liberty’s Legacy, coming soon!