Whispers of Liberty

Whispers cover

Time is no barrier to love.

Charlotte Ross, by her own admission, is a history geek. It’s only to be expected, as both of her parents are closely tied to preserving the colonial heritage of Johnstown, New York. What she did not expect was tripping over her own feet and falling into the height of the American Revolution.

Charlotte understands SUVs, microwave ovens, and cell phones, yet she is thrust into a world of mayhem, guns, and blood. Finding herself living the life of her ancestor gives her a new perspective on identity, family, and freedom. With no electricity, instant communication, or medical supplies, she quickly learns to fight her own battles alongside her beloved father. The struggles of her newborn nation and the tolls it takes on those she loves changes her forever.

Jacob Cooper, a local gunsmith, has loved Charlotte since the moment he first saw her. He cannot picture his life without her–if he survives the hell that is the American Revolution. He is positive Charlotte knows his feelings for her. It’s evident in the shy way she glances at him, and the warm smiles she aims in his direction. Yet, lately, there is something distant about her; something he cannot put his finger on. It’s as though she is no longer at home in her own skin.

For a displaced girl like Charlotte, every part of managing her life in the eighteenth century is difficult.

And then she meets her Patriot, Benjamin Willson.

Continue the journey in the already released follow-up, Liberty’s Promise.  The third in the series, Liberty’s Legacy, is coming soon!