Rosie and her Ragamuffin Sam

Rosie 3D


Take a peek at my book trailer!  A teaser for Rosie and her Ragamuffin Sam

Andrea Rose Lane, a.k.a Andie, treats herself to a Columbus Day weekend getaway in New York City to kick the dust off of her everyday, same ol’ same ol’ life. Little did she know that a pair of vintage shoes in a brilliant red from a thrift store would transport her into the 1940’s. In the midst of the Depression and World War II, she’ll discover her roots are tied in with those amazing shoes in the heart of Brooklyn. They’ll carry her into the middle of her great grandmother’s love story. Fall in love with Rosie and Her Ragamuffin Sam.

Here’s just a taste:

I opened my eyes. I was standing in a store, staring at my shoes on a shelf, but they were brand new with a tag on the heel. They were fancy, like something out of the Roaring Twenties, but I needed a working woman’s shoes, not those of a frilly flapper. Shoes that would keep me on my feet all day long and well into the night to take care of all those mouths to feed. At least six of them, judging by the children lined up behind me like the babies in Make Way for Ducklings, a little one nestled in the arms of the oldest girl. Everyone was neatly dressed, but there was evidence of mending to make clothing last. I glanced down. My coat was worn, yet still serviceable.

I fished in my purse, wondering if I had enough, fearful I didn’t. A large, calloused hand set down on my shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze. I gazed up at a tall man in dungarees and flannel, gray sprinkles scattered throughout his hair. One eye, as deep of a blue as my favorite marble, winked and he grazed my cheek with a kiss.

“Don’t you worry, Rosie. I told you I would always put food on the table and shoes on your feet. You’re my Cinderella. I’ve got this.” I glanced down and tears sprang to my eyes. His feet were bare.

“Sam, where are your shoes?” I laid my hand on his lapel and gave a little tug.

He shrugged and slid me a lopsided grin. “That poor old man outside with his tin cup, collecting coins? He had nothing. It’s too cold out there, Rosie, to have nothing. I’ve got my old shoes at home. I’ll do.”