What is Means to Be Fearless

Fearless woman

On Saturday, April 7th, I was invited to be a presenter and guest at Elaine Houston’s Fearless Women Summit in Albany. I was honored to be a part of this gathering of amazing women. We came together with one common goal: to build each other up. As I talked to women of all ages and walks of life, I was in awe of them. Their courage. Their strength. The challenges they are facing every day.  I am so grateful that they opened their hearts and shared their stories with me. I encouraged them to keep dreaming and reach for their goals, to pick up a pen and a computer and write. To not let anyone tell them what they could or couldn’t do, that there was no right way to tell their stories. Their journey is their own. They taught me lessons as well–how to take what you have and move forward. How to love yourself. How to pick yourself up when you fall, no matter how many times you fall. Everyone can learn how to live a fuller life from the women in their lives if you are willing to listen.

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