Mothers…More Precious with Every Passing Year

My mother has always meant the world to me. When I was little, she was my caretaker. My lighthouse in the storm. As I grew up, I thought of her as my best friend and my compass. That in adopting me, she chose me, meant all the more. She gave me a love that knew no bounds and in so doing, taught me how to love deeply.

The older I get, my love for my mother–and all the mothers in my life–continues to grow. Being a mother, I now understand–there is no higher calling. No job that matters more. It’s what I was born to do. Every day of my life, I value the gift of my son and being allowed the most precious blessing, to be his mother. No matter how old he gets, no matter where he goes in life, he will be my baby. His happiness is my highest priority. I will think about him, worry about him, and love him beyond measure until the day I die…and even beyond, I’m sure I will be watching over him. Waiting until he comes home to me…far, far in the future.

I know that every mother shares this responsibility, one that holds no regrets and only the greatest gratitude. To be a mother. There is nothing better in life. Thank you to all mothers for sharing this title with me today. For the gift of your love. Happy Mother’s Day!


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