When a story just won’t let you go…

Deserted Cover Preview

When I wrote Adirondack Sundown, it took over my life. In three months, I wrote 100,000 words. I pulled over the car, flipped over my napkin in restaurants, and stopped in the middle of grocery aisles to jot down the next note in my story. The whole thing played out in my head, like a movie, as conservation officer Graham Scott was consumed with the search for Sarah Waters, a young teacher from Johnstown…more than a teacher. She was his girlfriend. His true love. Little did I know that Sarah’s abductor and these characters would wrap themselves around my heart, bringing me back for The Edge of Forgiveness on Blue Mountain and Sunrise Over Indian Lake.

Here we are at book 4, Deserted on Lake Desolation. I don’t know if this will be the last. It will be up to Graham, Jim…and all the rest. Looking back and at this story, I realized that hope is a flame burning bright in every story…although this one is definitely the darkest, and perhaps the most realistic. I hope you’ll enjoy coming along for the journey…and don’t forget. Even in the darkest night, hope shines its light.

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