Sometimes Heroes Come in Small Packages

Sawyer Mountain cover

Every time I write a new book, I fall in love. The story, the place, and the characters wrap themselves around my heart. They’re so real that I carry them with me everywhere I go. They are like family or old friends, welcoming me home.

I have a special place in my heart for my Lost in the Adirondacks series, the series that truly set me on the path to becoming an established author. Conservation officer Graham Scott took over my life on his quest to find Sarah Waters in Adirondack Sundown. He kept me coming back for more in the next three novels. Graham and my leading men, police officer Jim Pedersen and survivalist Kane Johnson, are back again in the fifth installment in the series, Nightmare on Sawyer Mountain.  They rise to the challenge and don’t disappoint, but I have a new favorite.

Shepherd Jude Kendrick.

He’s only nine years old. He might only be a kid, but he has had to grow up fast, taking his name seriously. He’s been his twin’s protector from the moment she was born a few minutes after him. When Sawyer Willow becomes devastatingly ill, Shep will take on a life and death battle to save her. He’ll give everything he has to help her, like St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes and desperate cases, shouting at Death, “Not today. She’s mine.”

Doing his best to live Paul Coelho’s wise words:

“Faith as tiny as a grain of sand allows us to move mountains.”

I hope you will fall in love with my new hero too. You can meet him now  and join him on his perilous journey whether you like to read on kindle or  want to get lost in paperback.

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