When a Story Wraps itself Around Your Heart, Soul and Mind

I have always been fascinated with the Civil War era. My husband has family from the South. We have enjoyed many visits, including a trip to Hatfield and McCoy for ATV riding. Don’t even get me started on Patrick Swayze in “North and South.” Country music has given me the soundtrack for my life. I have good friends and publishers in the South. The South has many beautiful qualities, a rich heritage, and a long line of honorable men and women.

It also has the dark stain of slavery, an institution that took hold of our entire country when it was young, established by the British.

All of these thoughts and influences inspired me to write the story of a plantation owner’s son who questions the foundation of his life. He is tormented by slavery. Caught in a moral tug of war, torn between love for his family and a woman who serves him. So tortured, he is willing to stand up against everything he has ever known.

This story led me on a journey to learn about the many brave men and women working against slavery in the Deep South while the Civil War raged, risking it all. Look up Elizabeth Van Lew. She will take your breath away.

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